New Faucet Installation in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Reliable Faucet Installer in Las Vegas

Faucets are essential plumbing fixtures integral to various property spaces, including bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and laundry rooms. Modern faucets are a perfect blend of style and functionality and offer access to a steady water stream simply with a push of a lever, turn of a knob, or wave of a hand. Modern faucets make these home spaces more inviting. When it is time to install a new faucet or replace an old, outdated, or malfunctioning faucet, hire a dependable Las Vegas plumber like Royalty Plumbing for a stress-free experience.

Professional faucet installers deeply understand various faucet types and can help choose the right one for home needs. They can also ensure correct faucet installation for better functioning and optimal performance. Faucet installers are equipped with specialized tools and equipment for the faucet installation to minimize potential errors resulting in costly repairs and property damage. Reliable faucet installers in Las Vegas will install brand-new faucets quickly and efficiently, ensuring customers are 100% happy with their new faucets.

Services We Provide

Kitchen Faucet Installation

Kitchen faucets are the most used in an average household. They help keep the kitchen clean and make washing vegetables, fruits, and dishes convenient. Transform the kitchen into an attractive space with the latest faucet design and technology. The professional plumbers at Royalty Plumbing take time to understand the property owner’s specific needs and preferences to help them select the perfect kitchen faucet and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Bathroom Faucet Installation

A reliable bathroom faucet makes it more convenient for daily tasks like bathing. A new faucet can make a remarkable difference to the bathroom’s appearance and functionality. Whether a property owner needs a modern, sleek faucet or a classic, traditional one, the trusted plumbers at Royalty Plumbers are here to assist with all bathroom faucet installation needs. We will ensure an affordable solution that will revamp the bathroom’s appearance.

Shower Faucet Installation

Shower faucets allow users to manage the temperature and flow rate of the water coming out of the shower head via a button, knob, or lever. A well-functioning faucet is essential to make shower time more enjoyable and relaxing. A new shower faucet installation by Royalty Plumbing will elevate the shower experience. With various designs, styles, and features, shower faucet installation by our experts will help unlock the full potential of the shower.

Bathtub Faucet Installation

A bathtub faucet is a bathroom fixture that helps regulate the speed of water flowing into the tub. Bathtub faucets come in various types and styles, including freestanding, clawfoot, Roman, wall-mounted, deck-mounted, or floor-mounted. Bathtub faucets are available in various features like waterfalls, installation holes, and hand-held showers. Royalty Plumbing offers premier bathroom faucet installation services to ensure a smooth and efficient bathtub operation.

Outdoor Faucet Installation

Outdoor faucets are fixtures installed in the ground or through an exterior wall to provide water via an outdoor hose. Spigots, hose bibs, anti-siphon, frost-proof, ball valves, and yard hydrants are popular outdoor faucets. Outdoor faucets are primarily used to water gardens, wash cars, fill buckets, groom pets, fill kiddie pools, or clean the driveways. Royalty Plumbing has a team of expert plumbers who can install all outdoor faucets to ensure convenient water access in outdoor spaces.

Sink Faucet Installation

A faucet is a vital part of sink functioning. It helps turn the water on and off and control the water flow from sinks in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other home areas. Royalty Plumbing offers a wide selection of sink faucets and top-notch installation to elevate these home spaces. The cost of sink faucet installation depends on the type of faucet selected and if any plumbing upgrades are required. This simple upgrade will help in providing an instant transformation.

Types of Faucets

Royalty Plumbing offers its customers the best faucet installation services tailored to their specific needs in Las Vegas. Our proficient plumbers execute the faucet installation job to the highest standards. We stay updated with faucet trends and technology to provide our customers with valuable insights and recommendations. Call us today for enhanced aesthetics, better functionality, and time, cost, and effort savings.