Garbage Disposal Installation in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Garbage Disposal Installation Services in Las Vegas

A garbage disposal is an invaluable kitchen appliance designed to pulverize solid food waste into tiny particles, allowing it to pass through the water waste system. The garbage disposal is installed beneath the sink to make managing food waste quicker and more efficient. The unit collects solid food waste in a grinding chamber. When the user turns on the disposal, an impeller plate or spinning disc turns to force the food particles against the chamber’s outer wall, pulverizing it so water flushes it to the sewer.

Garbage disposals are available in various types and proper installation is essential for superior performance. Royalty Plumbing can help Las Vegas homeowners looking to add a new garbage disposal to their kitchen sink or replace an existing unit. Professional plumbers can help select a top-quality, durable garbage disposal for reliable operation. A garbage disposal with a proven performance record will serve many years and make kitchen cleanup more straightforward and convenient.

Why Homeowners Need a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal makes it convenient for homeowners to handle common kitchen waste. It disposes of the food debris directly into the kitchen sink and prevents it from ending up in the trash can and eventually in the landfill.
On average, a garbage disposal costs around $400 to purchase and install. An experienced plumber can easily install a garbage disposal without charging a hefty amount. A garbage disposal can serve for around eight to ten years with correct installation and maintenance.
Easy to Maintain and Operate
A homeowner can efficiently operate a garbage disposal by following the manufacturer’s instructions. When used correctly, the garbage disposal is unlikely to encounter any major problems. Also, these appliances do not require any significant maintenance. Sharpen the blades periodically and descale the unit to ensure lasting performance.
Cleaner Kitchen
The most significant benefit of installing garbage disposal is that it makes it easier and faster to clean the kitchen after cooking and meal times. It also eliminates the need to carry plates to empty the food waste into the trash can, which reduces the risk of crumbs dropping on the floor. A garbage disposal ensures the kitchen stays clean and hygienic.
Reduced Kitchen Odor
A garbage disposal can help eliminate foul odors from the kitchen by preventing the food from sitting and rotting in the garbage can or the pipes. The appliance grinds the food debris properly through a motor and flushes through the pipes into the sewer. It keeps the drain smelling fresh and clean.
Less Trash
After installing a garbage disposal, homeowners will have less food waste, which they need to throw out. According to an estimate, food waste accounts for 20% of all household trash in the United States. Garbage disposal significantly reduces the amount of this waste.
Fewer Pipe Leaks
Ground food waste puts less pressure on the drain lines. It reduces the possibility of potential issues like leaks, clogs, or a burst pipe. A garbage disposal protects kitchen drains by preventing food debris build-up.
Protect the Environment
Garbage trucks emit greenhouse gasses, and when food waste ends up in the landfill, it does not decompose properly and produces methane. Garbage disposal disposes of food waste correctly and helps in protecting the environment.
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What is the history of the garbage disposal?
John Hammes, an architect from Racine, Wisconsin, first made the garbage disposal in 1927 from his home workshop. In 1935, a patent for the device was issued, and the public was able to access the first garbage disposal in 1938, when the company InSinkErator began selling them. After World War II, garbage disposal sales saw a significant rise with the growing trend of kitchen modernization and remodeling.
Yes, the type of garbage disposal a person buys can significantly affect the overall performance. Garbage disposals come in various sizes and with different features. Garbage disposals with higher horsepower operate better and encounter fewer jams and clogged drains. They also help in the finer pulverization of food waste. Consult a local plumber for the best garbage disposal for specific home needs.
The primary purpose of garbage disposal is to dispose of small amounts of food scraps quickly and efficiently. A trash compactor can help dispose of all types of waste, especially large debris, by smashing it to reduce its volume and make transporting it in a garbage bag easier. Garbage disposals are installed under the kitchen’s sink drain, while trash compactors are like in-home garbage trucks installed under kitchen cabinets or counters.
Garbage disposals need preventative maintenance to help them perform better. Tasks like using cold water, running the unit regularly, cleaning with ice, clearing the drain, fixing jams and clogs, using citrus as a freshener, descaling, and sharpening the blades will allow the garbage disposal to serve the user for many years.

Try the following methods when dealing with a smelly garbage disposal:

  • Pour ice down the disposal and turn it on till it fully grinds the ice. It helps clean the smells and also sharpens the blades.
  • Slice a lemon into small pieces and place them into the disposal while it is running to wash away the foul odor.
  • Pour baking soda, and after letting it sit for some minutes, pour vinegar down the drain, leaving it for 10 mins. Turn on the cold water and allow the disposal to run for a few seconds to eliminate any nasty smell.
  • Pour some bleach while the cold water is running to remove the smell.
A garbage disposal has a typical lifespan of around 10 to 12 years. While regular care and maintenance can extend the appliance’s service life, neglect can lead to replacement needs in a few years.
For high-quality and cost-effective garbage disposal repair solutions in Las Vegas with the trained and qualified plumbers at Royalty Plumbing. Our technicians have the proper tools and experience for meticulously repairing every major garbage disposal brand. Rely on us to keep the garbage disposal running smoothly. Call our experts to help fix a broken or malfunctioning garbage disposal.