Garbage Disposal Repair in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Fix a Garbage Disposal in Las Vegas

A garbage disposal is a hard-working plumbing appliance with several moving parts. Like other mechanical devices, a garbage disposal often runs into issues during its service life. A broken or malfunctioning garbage disposal can make a kitchen less efficient and threaten safety and comfort. Electrical issues, clogs, overheating, leaks, jammed flywheels, and a faulty motor can cause problems with the garbage disposal functioning. A garbage disposal can be tricky to repair.

When the garbage disposal runs into issues, seek assistance from a professional garbage disposal repair service like Royalty Plumbing to ensure correct repairs and avoid severe damage. Experienced garbage disposal repair professionals have specialized knowledge, making a significant difference to the quality of the repair work. No matter the repair complexity or challenges, trained plumbers can do it competently. They perform all garbage disposal repairs with care to ensure the unit runs perfectly.

Common garbage disposal issues include:

Strange Odor
A smelly garbage disposal is annoying. Trapped food particles in the drain pipe are generally responsible for the strange and unpleasant odors. A good cleaning is usually sufficient to prevent foul odors.
Clogs are one of the most common garbage disposal issues an average household encounters. Clogs can develop in a garbage disposal if the user grinds the wrong food items, uses insufficient water, or when food waste coats the waste line or drain traps. It is best to call a professional plumber to clear persistent clogs.
Humming motors with limited to no grinding
An underpowered or jammed garbage disposal fails to function correctly. It prevents the garbage disposal from grinding while the motor makes a loud humming noise. An experienced plumber can fix the issue quickly to get the disposal working again.
Louder than usual noises
A noisy garbage disposal indicates an underlying problem. Rattling, squealing, grinding, or whirring sounds from the unit require professional assistance. A plumber can diagnose the reason behind the noise and replace any malfunctioning component.
Leaks below the unit
Leak is another common issue with the garbage disposal that can lead to mold, pest infestations, foul odors, and warping. Various garbage disposal areas, like plumbing connections, outer casing, and drain lines, can develop leaks. A professional can assess the unit quickly to determine replacement needs.
Water pooling in sink area
A garbage disposal is often the culprit if there is water pooling under the kitchen sink. Leaks in the garbage disposal’s connections, sink flange, drain lines, or worn-out seals are the possible causes. A leaking garbage disposal can result in significant headaches. It is best to fix the issue as quickly as possible.
Disposals not turning on or staying on:
A garbage disposal that fails to turn on or off can indicate a serious problem. Check if the disposal is hard-wired or is connected to an outlet. Check the circuit breaker or electrical switch or reset to resolve the problem. Call a plumber to schedule a service if the troubleshooting fails to fix the issue.
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