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Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Fix a Shower in Las Vegas

Showers add beauty and functionality to a bathroom space. A properly functioning shower system is necessary to enjoy a relaxing shower. Showers are vulnerable to various repair issues over time, making the overall showering experience less enjoyable and posing a risk of water damage. Hiring a professional repair service may seem unnecessary when a shower demands repair, but doing so is crucial for various reasons.

Professional shower repair technicians are trained and updated on the latest products, tools, and techniques to ensure they complete the work correctly. They can fix any minor or major issue quickly and efficiently to prevent further damage. Reputed plumbing companies offer guaranteed results, ensure the shower stays dirt and stain-free, and offer optimum performance. Royalty Plumbing is the go-to shower repair service provider in Las Vegas. Count on us for a stress-free repair experience and top-quality workmanship.

Common Shower Problems

Knocking Pipes:

Noisy showers are more than an annoyance and indicate a problem that needs addressing. Knocking pipes when the shower is on is usually due to the ‘hammer’ effect, high water pressure, or loose supply pipes. A plumber can fix the issue immediately and prevent further damage.

Continuous Dripping:

Another common issue people experience with their showers is continuous dripping. A dripping shower head is frustrating and can result in significant water wastage. Factors like a loose connection, corrosion, damaged or worn-out washers, mineral build-up, and high water pressure can cause a shower to leak.

Slow Drains:

Slow-draining showers indicate something is wrong with the drain pipes and can eventually lead to standing water and other messy situations. It might indicate the beginning of a clog, poor grading, or excessive mineral build-up in the pipes. A plumber can evaluate the problem to find the possible cause and provide the most efficient solution.

Leaky Showerhead:

A leaky shower head can significantly impact the morning routine and result in water wastage, bacteria and mold growth, and rust and rot. Faulty or loose parts, incorrect installation, worn-down seals, mineral build-up, and poor maintenance are common causes behind a leaky showerhead.

Low Water Pressure:

A low shower water pressure is more concerning than most people imagine. Blocked shower heads due to limescale build-up is the most common reason behind low water flow from the shower. Other possible reasons include:
  • Worn-out mixing valve
  • Low-flow showerhead
  • Pipe leaks
  • Faulty water pressure regulator
Royalty Plumbing is a professional, reliable shower repair service in Las Vegas with many years of industry experience. As a customer-centric company, we are committed to offering unmatched quality with honesty. We take all shower issues, minor or significant, seriously and arrive equipped with all the tools to make the repair process as convenient as possible. Call our experts for a quick and lasting shower repair solution.