Water Heater Installation in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

All new 75 Gallons

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All New 40 - 50 Water Gallon Installs

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All Warranty Water Tank Replacement

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Water Heater Installation Services in Las Vegas

A water heater supplies hot water to an entire home for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and washing needs. Like any appliance, over time, the water heater experiences normal wear and tear, sediment build-up, or even loss of hot water for a household’s daily routine. So, when it breaks or leaks, it causes a major inconvenience to the household.

Homeowners in the Las Vegas area currently dealing with a broken water heater can rely on Royalty Plumbing for water heater repairs. Our highly-trained technicians can carry out the most difficult of repairs and can replace the water heater if we can’t repair it. We also service most major brands and types of water heaters, including traditional tank-based systems, tankless water heaters, solar water heaters and more!

New Water Heaters

A licensed professional should complete the new water heater installation to ensure the supply lines are up to code and the heater lasts.

Conventional Water Heaters

A conventional water heater is the type that most people own and recognize. They consist of a tank that holds the water and heats it with electricity or gas. The tank, which is insulated, keeps the water hot until it is needed. A conventional tank is easy to install and clean, and the homeowner can perform regular maintenance.

Condensing Water Heaters

A condensing water heater works in tandem with the household’s gas system by reclaiming unused gas fumes and using them to heat the water. The tank is large and not cost-efficient for families who don’t need a larger tank, and it is a gas-based unit, meaning all-electric homes do not qualify for this type of water heater. The tank has to be regularly maintained, as well.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

A heat pump water heater uses the heat from the ground and air to heat the water instead of gas or electricity. It is a highly efficient way to heat water but only works in areas where enough heat is available for it to operate. The energy savings are substantial, although a heat pump does require more space than a conventional heater. It can also be quite expensive to purchase and requires conventional maintenance.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless or on-demand water heater heats the water as needed rather than requiring a large tank to hold the heated water. These units are small and can fit in almost any space. They can be run by natural gas, propane, or electricity, all of which superheat coils that heat the water. While tankless units are much more expensive than other models, the energy savings can recoup the cost over the life of the unit, which is about double the lifespan of a conventional water heater.

Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater uses the sun’s energy via a system on the home’s roof, which heats the water through a closed loop and stores it in a tank until needed. This system works excellently in sunny climates like Las Vegas. While a solar water heater can take decades to recoup the cost of the unit, it represents a capital improvement on the home and is an environmentally friendly option. The tank will require regular maintenance, and the solar panels may also need care.
The qualified technicians at Royalty Plumbing provide prompt and professional water heater installation services in Las Vegas. A new and energy-efficient water heater is an excellent investment. Our team helps customers choose the right water heater from reputed manufacturers that fits their hot water requirements and budget. We have the experience and training to install all makes, models, and styles of water heaters. Call us for expert advice or book an appointment.