Toilet Installation in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

Labor Rate: $105 per hour

New Toilet Installation in Las Vegas

A new toilet installation is an excellent home improvement project that can help enhance the bathroom look. If the existing toilet is cracked, leaking, has broken components, looks old and outdated, or does not match the current bathroom scheme, it is time to consider a new toilet installation. Modern toilets are more eco-friendly, prevent overflow, have a more comfortable height, look luxurious, and provide enhanced functionality than traditional toilets.

Installing a new toilet is not a DIY job. The project requires special tools and equipment to ensure correct toilet placement. Any mistake during the process can result in leaks, water damage, and other plumbing issues. Work with the professional plumbers at Royalty Plumbing for new toilet installation. We will provide expert assistance in picking the suitable toilet and ensure fast installation so our customers don’t have to go without this essential fixture for long. We also ensure a thorough cleanup after installation to leave the bathroom looking new.

Types of Toilets

Single-Piece Toilet:

A single or one-piece toilet is a style fashioned as one whole unit. The cistern or tank in the single-piece toilets connects directly to the bowl. Single-piece toilets are durable, easier to clean, sleek, feature high-end finishes, and are ideal for compact spaces.

Two-Piece Toilet:

A two-piece toilet design has two separate parts: a tank and a bowl. The detachable tank makes these types of toilets more customizable in styles and heights. Two-piece toilets have been around longer and are used more widely. They are affordable, available in more options, and easier to replace.

Back-To-Wall Toilet:

A back-to-wall toilet is floor-mounted and has the unit’s back installed against the wall. The water tank and other plumbing work remain hidden, giving the bathroom a neater and cleaner finish. Back-to-the-wall toilets save space, have a sleek, modern design, and perfectly mix wall-hung and traditional toilets.

Wall-Hung Toilet or Mounted Toilet:

As the name suggests, a wall-hung toilet is connected to the wall, and none of its parts touches the floor. The tank and all the plumbing are installed within the wall behind the toilet. Wall-hung toilets are easier to clean, modern, save space, and are more comfortable for older adults and people with disabilities.

Smart Toilets:

A smart toilet is a modern and technologically advanced bathroom plumbing fixture with various features, like seat warmers, lighting, self-cleaning, spray adjustment, automatic lid, and massaging for added functionality. Users can control smart toilets with a remote control, voice command, or mobile apps. Smart toilets are more comfortable, consume less water, and are hygienic.
A correctly installed toilet lasts many years. Royalty Plumbing is an expert in installing various toilet styles in Las Vegas. Our team assesses all the essential factors and provides an accurate inspection to help customers make the best selection. We back our work with excellent warranties and provide straightforward pricing and the best customer service.